ScoDal's Photography

About This Website & ScoDal's Love for Photography

I've had an interest in photography for a long time. My favorite type of photos to take are usually macro, but I also like to take other styles of photography. One thing I'm not that interested in is taking pictures of people. I've always felt that almost everyone has that covered. People love taking picture of people. I want to see other things through my camera lens.

If that sounds intriguing to you, then browse around this website to look at some of the interesting photos I've taken. You can also purchase the photos on a variety of products which you can find the link to on every photographs page. You will be surprised the kinds of products you can purchase. It isn't just prints.

ScoDal taking macro pictures

I've been taking and storing pictures on my hard drives for years. I've got lots of cameras and lots of pictures. It's taken me quite a while to figure out what to really do with them. I have always known one thing though... this hording of the pictures secretly on hard drives isn't doing me any good. It also isn't very inspiring to keep taking more pictures if I'm just stuffing them on a hard drive somewhere. It's time to share them!

It took a while to figure out what to call this project, if you want to call it that. The domains I really wanted were taken. But, with the help of some friends we got it narrowed down to this name. Ultimately, I think it was the right move because of all the ideas I had for naming this, this is by far the shortest and easiest to remember and type.

I would call my typical or usual style of photography to be abstract macro photography. I don't know if that's an actual genre of photography it's just what I gravitate to when I'm out taking pictures. What I love about macro photography is that the images look so different from what you're used to seeing with your eyes normally. I love seeing all the small detail on weird objects. I never know what I'm looking for when I take a picture either. Usually I just go for a walk and let my eye wander until it lands on something that I think probably has some interesting textures.

I'm determined now that I have this website up with my whole library of photos I'll be inspired to go out taking more pictures and adding to this website. It's been a colossal task getting the website up and all the pictures organized, uploaded, and for sale on various platforms and networks. But, now upkeep is much more reasonable now that I'm not starting from absolute scratch and have a viable plan set in motion.