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Wow, preparing this site for use is really challenging and exhausting


I knew putting this site together would take a really long time but I had no idea it was going to take this long. I think I started three months ago? I'll work really hard on it and then get burnt out and have to take an entire break from creativity for about a whole week. It's really hurting the productivity of everything I'm trying to accomplish lately. It has me questioning whether or not this is really worth it. But, then I keep telling myself just push through it. Once it's done it won't be nearly as bad to keep up with.

See, what is happening is I have a library of photos I've been taking for a very long time and I wanted to have those all added and archived here before I even start adding any new photography. But, adding these one by one and monetizing them is really challenging because the library of photos I have to share is very large. At first glance it would seem as though you just upload, smack it on the website, and hit Submit... but it's more than that. Each image has to be named and then described, plus all the HTML formatting has to be just so, and then each image has to be uploaded to a market with hyperlinks for purchase created. I have over 1,000 pictures I'm trying to share and each one takes a few minutes to prepare. If you do some math you can see how that would add up really quickly.

I'm running out of gas... but I know with some time and effort I can get myself rejuvenated and back in the spirit of finishing.

It doesn't help that originally I was going with a very abstract idea of an odd naming convention where I would name things somewhat abstract thinking this would make it easier to come up with titles quickly and also make it seem like each photo idea was really deep. But, in reality that just made me unhappy with everything I'd added because (1) it didn't seem genuine to how I really wanted to label things (2) it turned out harder to think that outside the box rather than just say what the picture is (3) being so abstract does nothing to help me with SEO if someone is searching for something that my picture might have.

So, I've just finished renaming everything in a more normal plain English manner and I'm ready to attack adding more pictures to the database yet again. I feel like I can move forward again, which is refreshing but also daunting for all the reasons I mentioned above. What is most discouraging is probably that I do not see the light at the end of this tunnel yet. So many other projects and things I like to do have gone on the backburner for this. But, it's supposed to be a rainy week this week so I figure I might as well stay inside and get focused on it and maybe things will be looking quite different by the end of the week.

So, now I'm going to lift my head up off the desk and get some chores done. I always feel better when I've accomplished a few offline tasks, cleaned up my work area, and then I can sit down ready to attack my online problems and tasks.

Website Update

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